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There are many benefits of orange as you know.After ancient times, the useful features of the orphans are known. It is rich in the Vitamin C, which improves the immune system and prevents various diseases, and prevents minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron. It includes useful oil and aromatic substances and cleanses the body with poisonous and chemical waste. In addition, the orange is a tasty fruit, adults and children love.


Orange juice can help prevent dry mouth, can help swelling, wound healing, and promote good oral health around.One day you eat or drink a glass of juice, flu, food, jobs and can save more.

Benefits of Orange

  • Drinking orange juice prevents kidney disease and reduces kidney stones.

  • There are orange helpers in reducing cholesterol.

  • Maintaining blood pressure

Strawberry is one of the finest sources of low fat, high in fiber and vitamin C and manganese.

Strawberry diet version which includes other dishes than berries, usually lubricants and other fresh fruits and vegetables.

These juicy heart-shaped delights are very sweet and delicious to present out. I think them powerful.

I love strawberry I am very happy when Strawberry is finally growing in the season and in the garden. As long as I bring them, they become at least in this refrigerator.